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D 本题考查动词辨析和时态。become作系动词,表示“变成”,其后的单数可数名词前要加a或an.而turn表示“变成”,其后的单数可数名词前不加a或an.再结合后面的drives well可只要用与现在有关的时态。

I Have Turned It Over A woman said to her husband, “dear, look at our sheet! It's too dirty. Would you like to wash it now?” The man looked at the sheet and then thought for a while and then said, “I don't think it's necessary....

这个没有看过啊 你自己想想吧 你到底想问什么啊

e have been again To ask for them, Never give them Return what, I think we

the teacher(rushed)(into)the house(with)a blanket and(helped)(the)(sixty-year-old)Granny(out).

聊天还看年龄呀 只要能聊在一起 应该什么年龄都可以吧 希望你可要找一个陪你聊天的合适人选

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