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need sb to do sth 网络 需要某人做某事 1 Market appears later sparge aid black oil, also need others to do sth for sb ability gush is gotten even. 后来市面出现喷雾型助黑油,也需别人代劳才喷得均匀。

是need to do sth.和 need doing。need doing=need to be done需要被...... He don't need to finish his homework today. 他今天不必完成作业。 He needs examing carefully=He needs to be examined carefully 他的身体需要仔细检查。

need 可以做情态动词, 但用法不是 need sb do sth, 用法同其他情态动词 同时need 也可以做普通动词,就有了 need sb to do sth. 这种用法

这里need后加for,肯定是名词埃因为need作动词时是及物动词。一般都说there is/was(no)need for sb/sth to do sth.比如说there is no need for you to do your homework.(你没有必要做作业)。

need sb to do sth可以造句: Need for you to get up early tomorrow. 你明天早晨必须早起。 make sb可以造句: We are making our bedroom so beautiful. 我们要把我们的卧室变得很漂亮。

1、"What do they need to do?" “他们需要做什么?” 2、You need to do some exercise and keep a good diet 你需要去做一些运动并且维持良好的饮食。 3、In such a war, you do whatever you need to do to win. 在这样一场战争中,你要做你需...

I need a sweater.我需要一件毛衣。 I need a pencil.我需要一支铅笔。 I need to do my homework.我需要做我的家庭作业。 I need you to help me.我需要你帮我。

need sb. sometime to do sth Need somebody sometime to do something

help sb do sth与help sb doing sth 一、关于 help sb do sth help sb do sth是大家比较熟悉的结构,通常也可说成help sb to do sth,其意为 “帮助某人做某事”,两者常可通用——即其中的不定式符号to可以省略,也可以保留。如: We helped her (t...

need sb to sth 还是 doing sth need sb to sth 中文意思是:需要某人做某事 也可以读作:Need someone to do something. need 英 [ni:d] 美 [nid] vt. 需要;必须 aux. 必须;不得不 n. 需要;需要的东西;责任;贫穷 vi. (表示应该或不得不做)有...

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